We want to help you feel good about your body.

Our mission is to make it simple to maintain health with natural products to boost physical and mental fitness over the years.

It is not about advertising “miracle” products, but about presenting products that, scientifically, have been evaluated and tested to improve general well-being and slow down the physiological aging process.

  • Knowledge

    We believe that as a consumer, one should be informed about the products that one buys and ingests. In the field of health, even more so. We work to share as much information as possible on how to improve our health.

  • Transparency

    The women's health and beauty industry is unfortunately riddled with misleading messages and false promises. We want to break this cycle and communicate in a transparent and realistic way.

  • balance

    We are under enormous pressure these days to act "perfectly" when it comes to our health. We believe in balance and avoid imposing practices that are difficult to achieve, as they result in a lack of motivation and stress.

Specialized Curation

Professor Alexandra Matias

One of the founders of the Aging Back Club and responsible for curating products and recommendations. After several years of research, he launched the "Anti Aging" consultation with the aim of helping people to achieve healthier and more efficient aging. Passionate about knowing, studying and always knowing more.

Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto, Gynecologist and Obstetrician specializing in fetal medicine at Hospital de S. João and Portoclínica. He did a Doctorate in Medicine, 2000 and aggregation in 2007.

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Reasons to choose ABC

Curated by experts

All of our products are selected by expert doctors who scientifically analyze and test them in order to improve general well-being and slow down the physiological aging process.

Simple categories for aging back

We divide the products in a simple and explanatory way so that it is even easier to understand what we are buying.

National Distribution (Deliveries within 48 hours)

We simplify the process by delivering all products to your home from our warehouse in Portugal - faster and more sustainably.

Specialty brand products

We select the best national and international brands within each category so that it is simple to choose the best that each has to offer.

“Goals with date are dreams”

Average life expectancy in the Western world has increased dramatically over the past century. A male child born in 1900 could expect to live on average only 46 years, and a female child, 48 years. Today, however, a child will, on average, live to be 76 or 81, respectively.

Despite the increase in average life expectancy, maximum life expectancy - the oldest age people can live to - has changed little since records exist. Even with a “perfect genetic makeup” and a healthy lifestyle, the likelihood of reaching age 120 is slim. However, we believe that investing in solutions that reverse or slow down aging will ultimately make a difference.

We believe that to truly provide expert advice and be able to influence change, we must first listen, study and research. That's what we've been doing for the past 2 years. It is a story of passion, delivery and commitment. It's a story of women too, sharing the same deep need to see a reinvention of the world of wellness, beauty and health. And with that, the “ideal” wellness routine for aging back became our quest… We are all different.

But what do we promise? Enabling everyone to have access to tools to generate a more confident, energetic and inspiring persona - the only way to truly shine. Combining a holistic approach with mind-body connection, we want to help our clients feel energized, healthy, nourished and beautiful - in body and mind.

Professor Alexandra Matias