Complementary services

This “ aging back ” project was born out of
a necessity and an experience. The arrival of a symptomatic menopause made me look for a handful of help.

Trying different strategies and different tips made me find a way. Thus was born this desire to share this winning path with people through an aggregating consultation of several complementary modalities: nutrition and supplements, physical exercise and meditation, sleep and beauty.

Healthy Aging Consultation @ Porto Clinica

Focused holistic approach
in solutions that intend to contribute to reverse or slow down aging. Personalized consultation.

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Rua Júlio Dinis, 826-5th floor

4050-322 Porto


Partnership with HeartGenetics

HeartGenetics has over 15 years of experience dedicated to keeping people healthy by leveraging their genetic information for personalized assessment to find the diet and exercise plans that boost their health.