Enhance restful sleep

The problem of sleep quality affects more and more people, and it is a problem that gets worse with age. It is during sleep that our body repairs and revitalizes cells, bringing energy, supporting cognitive performance and healthy metabolism, being one of the most important health tools. We present a selection of nutrient supplements to help make your sleep routine more effective, complete and restorative.


Sleep and Menopause

In the case of women, the difficulties in maintaining the quality of sleep are particularly noticeable in menopause, and the decline in estrogen contributes to sleep disturbances.

The symptoms are diverse, from hot flashes and sweating (vasomotor symptoms) to anxiety and depressed mood. In turn, anxiety leads to difficulty sleeping and eventually depression, both of which cause unrefreshing sleep and early morning awakening.

Improve sleep quality

1. Increase exposure to bright light during the day;

2. Reduce exposure to blue light at night;

3. Do not consume caffeine at the end of the day;

4. Reduce irregular or long naps during the day.;

5. Try to sleep and wake up at regular times - routine is very powerful.