Essential vitamins and minerals for overall health

Healthy (successful) aging is defined as “the process of developing and maintaining a functional capacity that ensures well-being over the years” and begins with taking care of our bodies when we are young. This category presents vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our body needs, in addition to a healthy diet.
balanced, for the maintenance of daily health.

Healthy Aging

Strategies for healthy aging should create conditions and opportunities so that, regardless of age, everyone maintains regular physical activity, healthy diets,
rewarding social relationships, participation in meaningful activities/hobbies, and financial security.

Steps to Aging Well and Feeling Energetic:

- Stay physically active for a healthy body and mind;

- Stay mentally active;

- Stay socially active with friends and family;

- Follow a healthy, well-balanced diet.

- Don't neglect your health: schedule routine appointments and stick to them;

- Turn your intentions into actions.