Sonhos com data são objetivos

Goals with date are dreams

Average life expectancy in the Western world has increased dramatically over the past century. A male child born in 1900 could expect to live on average only 46 years, and a female child, 48 years. Today, however, a child will, on average, live to be 76 or 81, respectively.

Despite the increase in average life expectancy, maximum life expectancy - the oldest age people can live to - has changed little since records exist. Even with a “perfect genetic makeup” and a healthy lifestyle, the likelihood of reaching age 120 is slim. However, we believe that investing in solutions that reverse or slow down aging will ultimately make a difference.

We believe that to truly provide expert advice and be able to influence change, we must first listen, study and research. That's what we've been doing for the past 2 years. It is a story of passion, delivery and commitment. It's a story of women too, sharing the same deep need to see a reinvention of the world of wellness, beauty and health. And with that, the “ideal” wellness routine for aging back became our quest… We are all different.

But what do we promise? Enabling everyone to have access to tools to generate a more confident, energetic and inspiring persona - the only way to truly shine. Combining a holistic approach with mind-body connection, we want to help our clients feel energized, healthy, nourished and beautiful - in body and mind.

Professor Alexandra Matias

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