A diferença entre “Anti-Aging” e “Aging Gracefully”

The Difference Between “Anti-Aging” and “Aging Gracefully”

As a brand, we are always learning and evolving. We recently took the decision to remove the term “anti-aging” from all our communications – in this article we explain why.

Unfortunately, over the years, especially in the fashion and beauty industry, age has always been painted in a negative light. We are convinced that if we are not equal to the professional photos (many improved with photoshop) that they sell us, we are not good enough. Aging is associated with changes in our body and mind that we don't like, especially as women. A social construction was created around aging as something negative, and unfortunately the consequences of this social language are present not only in the consumer sector but also in the economy and politics. Many of us, as much as we are aware of the toxicity of discourses associated with female beauty standards, have self-judgment standards so ingrained and unconscious that we do not perceive them as such.

Part of our mission is to build a different narrative around aging. A narrative based on science and female empowerment. Aging is not the problem. The problem could be:

  • Not following health care practices that promote healthy aging.
  • Not being comfortable with our body's natural changes.
  • Not giving our body and mind the nutrients they need to stay fit and active.

At the Aging Back Club we want to help you take care of yourself without promising miracles. If you're looking for the fountain of youth and the product that reverses all the signs of aging, you won't find it here. We didn't discover it and guarantee that no one else did. Because it doesn't exist, and because it isn't necessary.

We are not “anti” aging, we are in favor of aging gracefully, so that the years pass and your smile gets bigger and bigger. So you don't stop learning, doing, feeling, and taking care of those you love most.

Join this journey of changing perspectives and habits. Learn with us not to be afraid of the inevitable, but rather to prevent unnecessary harm.


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